Toronto, like many megaplexes in the year 2072, has redefined the concept of urban sprawl. The total population for the GTA is over 17 Million Souls. Despite this increased population, Toronto has not expanded outwards from its city limits because of a number of emergent problems such as first nations rebellions to its North, Vitas outbreaks to the south and west, and contented territory with Free Quebec to the east.

Instead, Toronto has built upon itself, building communities on overpass like platettes. This has effectively segregated different corporate communities (effectively making ready made arcologies) and economic communities. The increased construction due to the creation of the plates has meant that the italian mafia (due to its involvement with unions and construction) finds a safehaven within Toronto’s city limits. This has also created entire communities and neborhoods that rarely if ever see the sunlight.

Facts at a Glance (05-01-2053)

Population: 17,527,124 Human: 59.5% Elves: 10.2% Dwarves: 8.6% Orks: 14.2% Trolls: 2.6% Other: 4.9% Per Capita Annual Income: 19,000¥ Below poverty line: 43% On Fortune’s Active Traders list: 3% Megacorporate Affiliation: 38% Hospitals: 13 Felonious Crime Rate: 12 per 1000 per annum (likely under reported) Education: High School Equivalency: 30% College Equivalency: 17% Advanced Studies Certificate: 5% Local Telecom Grid: 1716

Racial Group Population %

White 57.2 Visible minorities 47.2 comprised of: Chinese 10.6 South Asian 10.3 Black 10.3 Filipino 3.5 Hispanic 2.2 West Asian 1.5 Southeast Asian 1.4 Korean 1.2 Arab 1.1 Japanese 2.5 Other minorities 1.5


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